The Twin City Glass Company has served the Kelso/Longview community since 1926, so you feel sure they know exactly what type of glass will work best for your storefront. The experts at Twin City are knowledgeable, keep up on current trends in the industry, and have experience working to remedy all sorts of issues that can arise when it comes to your business.

Whether you’re in need of a new storefront entrance or looking to replace your glass and hardware, Twin City Glass Co. has what you need in stock, and have the expertise to cover every aspect of commercial windows.

Twin City will also build the window to fit whatever size opening you need to be filled at your storefront. We have the experience to install large, single-pane windows for storefronts, as well as multiple-paned windows and curtain walls that can span an entire building.

It’s not just about cutting glass to fit, either. Twin City will take into account the design and requirements for all their specific projects. They will look at the style you want for your store, along with the technical aspects and safety codes needed to build a beautiful, safe storefront. The experts at Twin City keep up to date on all the current advances in the industry.

You’ll have plenty of options when looking at glass for your storefront, some that will be more for aesthetic purposes, and some that will provide different security.

From a decorative standpoint, you can get a clear glass window, which are the kinds most often used in storefronts. Allowing people to see through the front window lets people see inside the store to see what’s going on inside, and lets you dictate what people passing by can see by putting items you want to feature closest to the windows.

You can also go with a tinted glass, which makes it a tad harder to see inside, but still allows for peaks in from the outside. Similar to tinted glass, you can go with a frosted glass upfront, which similarly adds some privacy inside the store. A frosted window can also help block out the harshness from the sun, while still allowing in natural light.

Other options to think about are single pane storefront glass and dual pan storefront glass. Single pane has a thickness of 1/4″ and is the most commonly-used kind of storefront glass. Dual pane windows are usually one inch in thickness as a standard; they use two panes of 1/4″ glass with a 1/2 seal/spacer. Both styles can also have tints added to them.

There are still more options when looking at those styles of the storefront window, and those three styles of glass are annealed, tempered, and laminated. Annealed is the most commonly used, and will work in most storefront scenarios. Tempered is four times stronger than annealed, but when it is broken, it shatters into tiny pieces. That can make it safer if people bump into the glass, but it also means someone can break it and it will shatter into tiny shards, which can allow for easy entrance and exit. Laminated glass is two pieces of annealed glass with a film sealing the pieces together.

No matter what you’re looking for, Twin City Glass Company and their nearly 100 years of experience can get the job done. Check us out online at or give us a call at (360) 425-4540 to get a quote for your job and let us help customers see your storefront in a new light.